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How to Get a Bigger Chest – 7 Easy Chest Exercises to Get Your Pecs Noticed

Aside from building up biceps and abs, one of the main concerns of men is how to get a bigger chest. Having a well defined chest can give you a more confident posture. Here are some exercises that will help you increase the volume, size and definition of your pecs.
To avoid injuries and to get the most out of these chest exercises, each of the chest exercises should be performed with proper form. For lifting exercises, if you are to lift heavy, be sure to have a spotter to supervise and to help you out.

Do push ups. For beginners, push ups tend to be hard but, when you keep on doing them, they will soon be easy for you to perform. Have your hands about shoulder width apart when doing push ups.
Bench Press. It is the most popular chest building exercise of all time on how to get a bigger chest. It requires a large number of muscle fibers to perform, which triggers the body’s natural growth hormone response. It is best to perform 8-12 reps and 1-3 sets to build muscle mass and hypertrophy. Don’t let the bar touch your chest for it causes some pressure to your shoulders.
Inclined and Declined Bench Press. They are the same with the bench press but the bench is inclined upwards and declined downwards. These two work more on the upper and lower pectoral muscles.
Bar Dips. This is a chest and triceps exercise that works your chest and triceps muscles. At first, you can start dips with just your own body weight and then later on use a weight belt. This is done by holding yourself at arm’s length on the parallel dip bar and slowly lowering yourself. At the bottom of the rep, push yourself back at the starting position. When doing bar dips, the more forward you lean, the more chest muscle gets involved in the movement.
Dumbbell Fly. This exercise isolates the movement to your chest muscles. You do this by lying flat on a bench, and hold dumbbells at arm’s length with your palms facing each other. Start to lower the weights by opening your arms in a wide arc as far down as you can. While doing this, you should feel your pecs stretch. Then lift them again back to the starting position in the same arcing motion.
Another exercise that will help you on how to get bigger chest is the Cable Crossover.This exercise is somewhat similar to the dumbbell flys. It targets the inner chest and also works to bring out the impressive striations in your chest muscle. From a standing position, hold the cable handles attached to the overhead pulleys. Bend your upper body slightly forward, with arms extended out on the sides, but keep your arms slightly bent. Bring your arms and hands together toward the center of your body as if you’re hugging someone. Make sure your arms crossed each other.