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How to Build Killer Abs in 4 Weeks – Best Oblique Exercises Revealed!

How to Build Killer Abs in 4 Weeks – Best Oblique Exercises Revealed!
The best of oblique workouts include bodyweight, cardio, plyometric exercises and weight training. 

There are other names like abdominal sides, muffin top and love handles etc for oblique. Due to a lot of consumption of junk foods, stress, depression and irregular lifestyle, majority of the people put on weight easily that gives them an ugly and a fat look.

To get a good toned body you should follow oblique workouts everyday.
Nutrition is an important aspect of diminishing fats. 

Foods of high fiber content like vegetables and fruits must be consumed a lot. 

They have anti oxidants that could discard the additional flab from the abdominal area.
Supplements rich in protein must be included in the diet so that you can maintain the energy levels.

Five best oblique workouts to build scorching abs in a month


workouts like swimming and running centrally targets the mid area of the body. 

They could enhance metabolism of your entire body with ease and decrease love handles.

*Seated Twist: 

seated twist exercise

You should practice this exercise by twisting and turning your body by holding the medicine ball. 

To undergo this type of a workout you must be in a seating position.

*Cable side bends: 

Cable side bends

You should latch on to the cable and bend at your sides. 

You could gradually increase the weight and perform for your oblique muscles.

*Dumbbell side bends:

Dumbbell side bends

One could follow this workout by lowering the body sideways, holding the dumbbell.

*Exercise ball oblique twist: 

Exercise ball oblique twist

One should practice this exercise by the use of a medicine and a Swiss ball. 

You must twist your body by holding the medicine ball. 

This type of workout diminishes the look of muffin top.


To practice these workouts, you require immense strength and endurance that can be got by the consumption of Nitric oxide. 

This nitric oxide multiplies the blood flow in the body that gradually results in pumping of your muscles. 

It even shortens the recovery time and cures joint pan and injuries with ease. 

It exhilarates the development of collagen in the body and acts as an anti aging agent. 

It even prevents dangerous and deadly diseases like cancer, heart attack and diabetes.