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How to Build Bigger Biceps – 4 Easy Exercises to Bulk up Your Biceps

It is normal for human beings to get what they want in a fast and easy way, and this also applies to building bigger biceps. But getting bigger and muscled biceps is not an easy task, for it requires a lot of hard work and patience. Now the good news is – there are actually exercises that could help to bulk up your biceps in a fast and easy way. So read the following to know how to build bigger biceps fast.
Barbell Curl
Begin by standing with your feet, shoulder width apart, and then hold-on tightly to the barbell in an underhand grip. Next, stand straight while your arms are fully extended, in such a way that the barbell will be hanging right in front of you. Now slowly curl the barbell going up your chest, and bring it to as high as you can, while fully squeezing your biceps.

Hammer Curl
You have to include Hammer curl in your workout program if you want to know how to build bigger biceps fast. To do this, start by sitting in an upright position and then holding two dumbbells in both hands, making sure that the palms are facing each other and your arms should be hanging at your sides. Next, flex your elbows well then curl the dumbbell on your right hand until it reaches to your shoulder level. When bringing the dumbbells up, make sure that you squeeze your biceps well, and when lowering the weight, do it in a gradual manner.
Overhead Cable Curl
For this exercise, you will need to secure a stirrup attachment to the overhead cable pulleys, and then position yourself in between the pulleys and grasp the handles tightly. And then, slowly raise your hands up while keeping your elbows steady, and afterwards, curl your hands slowly going to your shoulders. Make sure to keep your elbows from moving to any direction, and when your palms are already near your shoulders, hold on to that position and squeeze your biceps well and then start all over again.
One-Arm Preacher Curl
One-Arm Preacher Curl is performed in a regular preacher bench, and to begin with, make sure that you are seated well on the bench before you extend your arms and grab the dumbbell in an underhand motion. Afterwards, curl the dumbbell going up, towards your shoulders, while making sure that you squeeze your biceps firmly when bringing it upwards. And then finally, lower the dumbbells slowly and go back to the starting position.
These exercises are the answer to your question of how to build bigger biceps fast. And when doing these exercises, always keep your back and head straight all throughout the entire workout routine. You must also stabilize your shoulders by squeezing your shoulder blades altogether, and remember to do these exercises regularly so as to achieve your goal of building big biceps faster.