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Get Washboard Abs – 3 Steps for Sexy Abdominals

Here are 3 steps to take in the next 3 weeks to get washboard abs:
1. First week – Diet. For the first week don’t even worry about exercising, just focus on your diet by cutting down drastically on carbohydrates. Sugars should be the first thing to be eliminated. Next focus on eliminating your “heavy carbs”, such as pastas and breads. Ideally you want most of your carbs to come from vegetables.
You will notice a HUGE difference by cutting out these carbohydrates in only a week or two. This is a quick way to noticeably lean up the stomach.

2. Second Week – Exercise. This is what will BURN the fat and induce weight loss even further and at a much more rapid pace. Think of this and diet as laying the groundwork to get washboard abs. You have to sweep away the debris first and then you can start chiseling away.
The combination of cutting carbohydrates and doing cardiovascular exercise is the perfect way to quickly sweep away the excess fat. Cardio exercise can actually be very easy. Don’t be fooled by TV shows or exercise programs which show people grunting and groaning for several hours throughout the day. All you need is a good 20-40 minutes or so of steady exercise 4-5 times a week. Walking at a strong and steady pace for 30-40 minutes is great. Doing interval sprints (running for 1 minute, walking for 2 minutes) for up to 20 minutes is another way to get your cardio work done.
3. Third Week – Ab Sculpting. Now that you’ve eased into a fat loss routine and cleared the way for sculpting you can start working your abdominals directly. You will still have some fat to get rid of no doubt and you will need to continue diet and exercise, but now you can implement building your abs, to replace the flabby look with a sexy washboard stomach. Again, you don’t have to make things complicated with abdominal work. Pick 3 ab exercises and perform them regularly, every other day. Everyone is going to have their preferred ab exercises based on what is comfortable and what feels effective for that person. Here’s some tips for overall ab work:
  • Pick an exercise which works the LOWER abs (such as leg lifts)
Upper Ab Work (Crunches for example). These are simple and effective for working the UPPER abs.
  • Combos. This is any exercise which incorporates both LOWER and UPPER abdominal work in one motion. Crunching upwards while performing leg raises is an example of a combo exercise.