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Get A Smaller Waist With These Three Simple Fat Burning Exercises

Are you working hard to burn belly fat to reduce your waist size? Are you getting sick of your workout routine? If you are, do these simple routines as fat burning exercise alternatives to burn more fat faster while toning your abs at the same time.

Exercise one: Alternating Dumbbell Row Alternating Dumbbell Row

How to do it:
– Grab a pair of dumbbells
– Stand with your feet shoulder shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees slightly.
– Bend over at the waist until your torso is nearly parallel to the floor at around 45 degree angle.
– Pull your right arm towards the side of your torso
– Now lower your right arm to its default position. While lowering your right arm, pull your left arm towards the side of your torso. This is one repetition
– This exercise will force you to keep your body as rigid as possible, you’ll have no choice but squeeze your abs as hard as possible.
– Do it as many as many as six or eight repetitions.

Exercise 2: Dumbbell Sumo SquatDumbbell Sumo Squat

How to do it:
– Grab a pair of extra heavy dumbbells.
– Hold the dumbbells with both hands straight down to between your legs.
– Your feet should be wider than your shoulder width.
– Lower your hips by bending your knees, squat down as low as you can go and keep your back straight.
– Hold that position for a few moments.
– Repeat it 10-12 times.
– Remember to keep your toes pointed at an angel of 45 degrees. Trying to bend at the knee while pointing your toes forwards will twist your leg at the knee joint.

Exercise 3: Mountain ClimberMountain Climber

How to do it:
– Place your hands at the floor at push up position.
– Make sure your body is straight from the head to toes.
– Position one leg forward bent at the knee while leaving another extended.
– While keeping your upper body at its position, alternate your leg positions by pushing your hips upward, pull rear leg towards your chest and extend forward leg back, landing with both feet simultaneously.
– This is one repetition.
– Repeat it 9 more times.
– You can increase the intensity by stepping faster.
Tips: To get optimum result, do this routines three times a week with one day rest period in between. Combine these exercises with interval training, rest for 30 seconds between each routine.