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Burn Fat Build Muscle Diet? What to Eat and What to Avoid

Knowing the right burn “fat build muscle diet” is extremely important. Nutrition is just as–if not more–important than exercise in terms of achieving a good physique.
So what’s the best diet?
One that works FOR your body-not against it. Always take the path of least resistance.

But most bodybuilders unknowingly take the path of MOST resistance by loading up on power bars, protein shakes, red meat, fish, eggs, whey protein supplements, etc.
And it’s not their fault
They are simply doing what all the fitness “gurus” are telling them. But if you follow traditional diet advice you won’t get ripped. And if you do it’s DESPITE your diet-not because of it.
Most bodybuilders consume WAY too much protein
Their reasoning is obvious-this nutrient is what build the muscles. So the more the better–right?
Not only is too much protein useless… it actually PREVENTS you from burning fat and building muscle. Here’s why: the human body is only designed to handle a certain amount of this nutrient.
When you intake too much of it your body has to find something to do with the excess.
What does it do?
The first option is obvious–eliminate it through the toilet. The second option is MUCH worse-it just stores it as fat-and fat is the ENEMY of getting ripped.
So how much protein do you need?
There is no generic number because everybody is different. But in GENERAL 50 grams is more than enough.
What’s the best protein source?
Nuts, seeds, and sprouted grains and beans–HANDS DOWN. They are very easy on the digestive system. Other sources are acceptable but only in limited quantities.
But don’t forget fruits and vegetables
These are the set foods for fat loss–BAR NONE. And most bodybuilders don’t consume NEARLY enough of them. Raw food should be a staple of any burn fat and build muscle diet.