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A Killer Lower Abs Workout For 8 Pack Abs

A proper lower abs workout is what separates good abs from great abs. The hallmark of an amazing physique these days are 6 pack abs. While 6 pack abs are a great thing to shoot for, why not aim for 8 pack abs. Here is how that is accomplished.
Various Leg Raises Are the “Holy Grail” of Ripped Abs!
Nothing will create a hard washboard stomach like leg raises. Crunches don’t even come close. Honestly, I am not sure when people forgot about this exercise, but it needs to form the foundation of your ab workout. Not only is it the best lower abs workout. This is the best way to get ultra-strong contractions in your abs, which is the goal to etch out ab definition.
Ever Seen a Prison Yard?
I have never seen a prison yard live in person, but I have noticed that convicts have some of the most ripped physiques known to man. In a book called “Convict Conditioning”, the author Paul Wade explains that guys who are locked up focus on hanging leg raises as their main ab exercise. He says that by the time a prisoner can do 4-5 sets of 15-20 strict reps of hanging leg raises with their legs straight, they typically have ridiculously ripped abs.
Before You Ever Consider Another Ab Exercise, Master Hanging Leg Raises

Not only is this the best lower abs workout, this will work your entire abdominal region. Since you are hanging from a bar, you will develop the detail muscles of the midsection as well. It is best to progress slowly and work your way up to hanging leg raises. Don’t move to the next tougher exercise until you fully master the previous one. All it will take is 4-5 total sets performed 2 times per week to eventually develop 8 pack abs. 
1) Lying Leg Raises 5 X 20: Lay on a padded mat on your back and lift your legs so that your feet are directly above you hips. Slowly lower your legs so that your feet almost hit the ground. Raise them back up to above your hips and repeat. Work up to 4 sets of 20 reps. If this is too challenging, do this with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle first then work up to doing them with your legs straight. Your lower abs will be screaming on sets 4 and 5, no matter how strong you get at these.

2) Hanging Knee Ups 4 X 20: Grab an overhead bar and slowly raise your knees until your upper legs break a 90 degree angle. Lower your knees back down. This will feel hard at first because your hip flexors will be a weak point. Your grip may also be weak. Avoid the temptation to use wrist wraps, because you want to be functionally fit and develop strong forearms as well.

3) Hanging Leg Raises 4 X 20: Grab an overhead bar and with your legs straight or knees slightly bent raise your legs until you break a 90 degree angle with your body and legs. If your hamstrings are tight stretch them out before this exercise. The key is to do this in a slow ad controlled manner. My guess is less than 1% of the gym population have strong enough abs to do these properly. If this is tough, you can first master the exercise with your legs bent close to 90 degrees. The straighter your legs are the harder this becomes.
Become “Master of the Leg Raise” for 8 Pack Abs!
It goes without saying that your body fat levels need to be low enough to reveal your abs. Simply diet hard and get to a low body fat level and master the single best ab exercise known to man. This is your fast track to 8 pack abs. No need to look further. Just 4-5 sets of this exercise is easily the best lower abs workout.