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4 Best Supplements For Improving Muscle Gains

Supplements are used to gain an edge in the gym and to increase performance, but do all supplements work the same?
There are a variety of supplements with unique properties and characteristics that effect the body differently and have there own specific area of benefit. One of the most effective and increasingly popular supplements on the market are ones that increase recovery time.
With a faster recovery, one can experience less soreness and more quality gains in a shorter amount of time. Here are the top supplements to help you recover faster from the gym.

Best Recovery Supplements

# 1 – Whey Protein

Whey is a fast absorbing protein that digests nutrients quickly so your muscles can begin their recovery process. Getting whey protein in your system after a workout is one way to recover faster exercise.
It is important to get a fast absorbing protein in your body as soon as your workout is done so that you can begin to recover and start the growing process. Protein is a fundamental building block needed for muscle growth, so this is one of the most important supplements to have to increase recovery. Make sure you get good quality protein into your body within an hour of working out.

# 2 – Glutamine

Glutamine is a very praised amino acid that has been researched and studied to have recovery effects on muscles.
Glutamine is found in our diet and as well as in whey protein, but the quantities are limiting and supplementing more glutamine can drastically help soreness and make your muscles and body repair quicker.
With the research on what glutamine does to our body’s, there is no question why it is one of the most renown supplements used to increase recovery.
#3 – Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)
Although glutamine is an amino acid, it is important to take into account the other widely known forms as well. In any BCAA product, you will find three standard ingredients:
BCAAs aid the maintenance of muscles and thus are absorbed rather quickly into your body to support muscle growth. Just like glutamine, BCAAs are found in our diet and our protein powder, but supplementing them throughout the day, during a workout, or after a workout can help yield tremendous recovery results.

#4 – Carbohydrate Related Supplements

Working out depletes your glycogen stores and it is very important to replenish these stores once a workout is over. Using these type of supplements, mixed with whey protein, help immensely to push nutrients into your muscles and aid them in repair after a workout session.
Two highly popular post-workout carbohydrate supplements on the market today are Dextrose and Waxy Maize Starch. These are fast-acting and high GI carbs that are absorbed extremely fast to your muscles when compared to complex carbohydrates. The reason why these are so beneficial is because of the rate of absorption to get to your muscles in relation to other carbs, which is something very important and needed after a workout session.