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3 Body Parts To Target To Gain Muscles Fast

Most people implement a broad plan of attack when trying to build muscles fast. In this sense, they attempt to bulk up on every muscle group they can possibly identify and exercise.
Although this is okay, there is a much better way of blowing your growth progress through the roof.
1. It’s All On Your Back
Focus on your back.
If I had to choose only one muscle group to favor and channel all your energy into, it would have to be the one you hardly ever see. Some experts would probably choose the core (abs) or thighs, but I’ve got several cases going for your back.
For one thing, doing any back exercise will always involve the core muscles. It’s almost impossible to think of a person with huge, strong backs and non-existent abdominals. In fact, the best back exercises, like pull-ups, barbell rows, and deadlifts are compound movements, which activate all other muscle groups.
Oh and did I mention you normally do them standing up? So that takes care of your legs as well.
And if you love your chest, I’ve got news for you, too. It’s impossible to build mountain pecs unless you’ve got the goods to ‘back’ you up.
2. Fortify Your Legs
Now come your legs. I’ve chosen this muscle group above chest or even abs for two main reasons.

First, they’re the biggest muscle group anyone has. Stimulating them properly means unleashing a torrent of favorable hormones (testosterone, HGH, etc.) that will translate to bigger gains when you train your other body parts as well.
Second, the exercises for them are the most complex that you can imagine. You won’t even come close to puking out because of bicep curls. But I bet you’ll struggle with it on more occasions during squat days.
The reason why you and I hate leg days is the exact reason why it’s so crucial to your muscle gains – it’s damn too difficult. But very effective, without question.
Honor your legs and keep to squats, lunges, leg presses, stiff-legged deadlifts, and calf-raises. Stop being a sissy and stay away from the leg extension machine.
3. Shoulders First – Not Chest
Shoulders before chest?
Y-E-S. Despite your chest muscles being larger than your shoulders, it’s the latter than often fails more than the former.
Think about the last time you did heavy bench presses or dips. I can guarantee that it wasn’t your chest muscles that gave up but your deltoids. Your shoulder muscles are so unique in their structure and so crucial a link to your movement that putting them above chest should never be second-guessed.
Try this out for 3-4 weeks. Do a variety of shoulder exercises – 2 compound movements for the traps (shrugs and upright rows), 2 compound movements for the deltoids (military presses and dumbbell presses), and maybe 1 isolation movement for the rear head (reverse flys). Spread them out over 2 workout sessions per week while only training your chest once with only the bench press.
Now watch your poundage grow.