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Nutrition Bodybuilding Supplements – Are They Really Needed?

While supplements might be a great complement to building muscle, before you go spend your hard earned cash on nutrition bodybuilding supplements you really should take a serious look at your diet first.

Often getting your diet in line with your training and bodily requirement may remove the need to use any supplements at all.

If you really think about it people where building great physiques well before the supplement came along and took the industry by storm. Supplements themselves are relatively new compared to body building itself.

Do you really think that Eugene Sandow (often dubbed as the father of modern day body building) used them?

To be honest with you as a personal trainer, I’d never recommend a supplement if someones diet isn’t in check. As a rough guide for diet you really should be aiming for 30% – 50% in protein based foods, 30% – 50% in carbohydrate based foods and 20%-40% with healthy fat based foods.

Now I’m not totally against supplements as I think that they could be a great part of a strong muscle building nutrition and exercise plan. But just remember that they complement your diet and training plan and not the other way around.

If you where to use them don’t be fooled for the hyped up marketing there is for nutrition bodybuilding supplements around. Most of the more expensive brands will have the sole aim to just sell to you and really they are no better than the cheaper brands. Sometimes it’s best to go and ask your local personal trainer or fitness freak in person for the best supplements as reviews on the Internet or in magazines can often be biased and have financial interest.

In closing I just want to bring it home that good nutrition bodybuilding supplements should only be necessary and complementary when you have the training and diet aspects right. Unless you are consuming a healthy muscle building diet that includes the essential nutrients and required calories, no supplement on the market will ever work for you.