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Find Out How Much Fat Can You Lose In One Month By Eating Only Lean Protein, Fruits, And Vegetables

Fad diets come and go and they can never give you the fat-loss resulte because they aren’t based on solid principles.

What you need to do is implement core truths when it comes to dieting. That has stood the test of time and will enable you to induce permanent changes in your eating habits. This will enable you to shed the extra fat and maintain a healthy body composition.

Even if you eat clean and healthy foods, too much of it and it can pose a problem as with anything else. You will not lose any weight. To shed the extra pounds, you’ll also need to reduce the amount that you eat and incorporate a healthy exercise regimen.

The basics of weight-loss

Let’s begin with a simple example. Let’s say you’ve eaten 3000 calories more than you have actually burned to gain every extra pound. You will need to eat 3000 calories less than you’ve burned to shed them. Luckily, the food products you will start eating like lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits, have fewer calories than meats that are high in fat and various snacks.

You will still need to count your calories and consume fewer. In order to lose 3 to 4 pounds in one month, you would need to consume 500 to 600 fewer calories each day.

Food Choices

Anytime you go shopping for lean proteins, vegetables and fruits strive to get the freshest products. Fruits that are conserved in cans or jars usually contain added sugar, which only adds calories. What you could do instead is slicing up some fruit and adding some cinnamon on it.

 You should also avoid vegetables in sauces because the sauces themselves are filled with fat, calories and salt. You could also try steaming fresh veggies and add some paprika or soy sauce for flavor. You should keep an eye out for these “hidden” calories. This is because they usually go unnoticed and can slow down your progress.

There is a possibility that you could lose up to 4 or 5 pounds in one month if you implement healthy diet changes. But adding exercise can greatly speed up the process. Those who exercised regularly for half and hour to an hour daily can help you burn 500 calories daily on average if you exercise. This means additional 4 pounds per month, which totals at 10 pounds.

Things to consider

Even though you can lose up to 10 pounds by eating lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits in one month, you should look at this diet change as a permanent one leading into an entirely new lifestyle. If you start eating in a healthy way and start a moderate exercise regimen it will be more likely to keep the weight you lose permanently.