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Don’t Do These 4 Things On Back Day

1. Don’t Do Lower-Back Exercises Early In the Workout

In any free-weight back exercise where you’re pulling some pretty heavy weight it’s super important that you stay in your natural spine curvature, rather than rounding it out during the rep.

The reason you don’t want a rounded spine is because that makes you more susceptible to a disc injury which can seriously hold you back as a weightlifter.

Your lower back muscles play a large part in helping to keep your back straight so you definitely don’t want them tired when you hit that heavy weight. Hit your lower back exercises last in your back routine.

2. Don’t Be Tempted To Look Up In The Mirror!

Okay okay we all love checking ourselves out in the mirror but avoid this temptation when doing exercises where you’re bent over. During these exercises there is pressure pulling on your shoulders, lats and right into your spinal column, so if your neck is out of position this creates a new opportunity for disc damage.

But don’t worry, just remember to keep your head aligned in the same direction as your torso during any rowing movement. This means if your body is bent over at 45 degrees, then your head should be at 45 degrees too. Don’t look up!

3. ALWAYS Back Before Biceps

I bet you’ve felt before that you workout your biceps naturally when you train back. This is because biceps are a primary mover during back exercises, so you want the fresh to lift the heavy weight your using for back.

It’s going to be hard to do an effective back workout if your arms are giving out before your back does.

Do you what you got to do for back then go crazy on biceps afterward – this way you won’t let you’re own fatigue limit your back growth.

4. Don’t Forget They Invented Straps For A Reason

While it is true that straps could reduce grip and forearm strength over time, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them at all!

Most of the time your grip will give out before your lats do and that costs you and extra rep or two.

These final reps are the ones where you push yourself to failure and force your muscles to grow, so you want straps to help you pump these out.

Use straps on your heaviest sets and use them to break your plateau onto some new personal record’s.