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Upper Chest Workout .. Finally How to Get Big Chest Muscles

Do you want to have a huge chest muscles but don’t know the appropriate upper chest workout to perform? Having a massive upper chest can only be achieved by carrying out the proper exercise. So keep on reading to know the different types of upper chest exercises and how to execute them properly.

Chest exercise is considered as the darling of many bodybuilders since the chest is one of the body parts that we want to develop first. The problem is that it has been improperly done as focus is always on the lower chest muscles. You need to perform the correct upper chest workout to achieve the solid, well-shaped upper body that you desire.

Here are some of the chest workouts that you can do:

1. Bench press is a chest workout being performed by many bodybuilders who are aiming for massive chest muscles. Aside from enhancing the mass of your chest muscles, it also strengthens them. One specific bench press exercise that works mainly on your upper chest is Incline Barbell/Dumbbell Bench Press. To ensure you get thick chest muscles, the best way to do this is to bring the bar/dumbbells straight down to your upper chest. Also, it is best to set the inclination of the bench from 30 to 45 degree angle only because if you fix the bench at a higher angle, you are placing more pressure on your shoulders than your chest.

2. Incline flies is another chest exercise that works on the entire upper chest muscle group. Weight lifting bench and dumbbells are also being used here but is still being performed in a different way as compared to bench press. With this exercise, you start with your arms on your sides then slowly lift them up until the dumbbells become closer together at the maximum height. Here’s a tip: for best results, tighten your upper chest muscles while the dumbbells are together then gradually release them while lowering your arms back down.

3. Cable crossover is an exercise that requires a bodybuilder to go in to a gym for the equipment that will be used. This exercise works by grasping the cables while arms are slightly bent. Once you are sure of a firm grip and enough balance, pull down the handles until they rest in front of your mid-section. The purpose of this exercise is to get a good pump going in your chest.