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Just 4 Day Muscle Split Routine

Are you working your butt off but not seeing enough results in the gym? You may need to change your routine. Not only does changing your routine keep your body guessing, it also keeps you from getting bored. Incorporate this 4 day split into a rotation with your regular routine and see the muscle growth sky rocket.

Day 1 – Chest, biceps, front and mid delts. Be sure to work your chest at every angle. Working the delts at every angle is a great way to get those shoulders to pop out too. A huge pair of delts really adds to a physique.

Day 2 – Quads and core. Separating the Quad and hamstring workouts can really add pounds to your legs. Especially if you have never done this routine before. Core is extremely important to incorporate into your routine. It is the body’s powerhouse. If the core is not strong, the rest of the body will not be strong.

In between the four day split take a day off. Recovery is an important factor in muscle growth. Without rest, the muscles will only continue to break down further. This can eventually lead to overuse injuries.

Day 3 – Back, rear delts, and triceps. Hit your back with wide grip and close grip exercises to target the different fibers. Don’t forget to work the lower back. Rear delts are very important in a routine as well. Keeping every part of your shoulders strong is key in injury prevention. Do not go too heavy with the rear delts. They are smaller muscles and are more susceptible to injury.

Day 4 – Hamstrings, calves, and core. Yes, core should be worked at least twice a week. If working calves once a week doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, try adding them to the quad routine. Stretch out your hamstrings and calves well before working them. These two areas are susceptible to injuries.

Always be sure to warm up and cool down for at least ten minutes. Injury prevention is the most important factor in muscle growth. If you injure yourself you could be out of the gym for months. Be intense, but be careful. If you are, you will be bulking up in no time.