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Good Lower Abdominal Exercises to Drop Excess Weight

Anyone trying to get rock hard abs will need to work out the upper, middle and lower sets of muscles. This article will look at some good lower abdominal exercises. These are the best ways of working out your lower abs so they are as strong as possible. Lower abdominal exercises will help to strengthen your muscles so that you can tone your stomach.

Leg Raises as Good Lower Abdominal Exercises

One of the easiest examples of ab exercises is the leg raise. This is also a very convenient exercise which can be a useful way to tone and slim your stomach. There’s no need for any expensive exercise equipment to do these exercises.

To do these exercises you should start by lying down on your back. Then put your legs up in the air while keeping your knees bent. This should mean that your lower legs are parallel with your chest. Now rotate your legs while keeping your knees bent. Don’t let your feet touch the floor though. Try to start by doing at least 10 repetitions, when you get more experience then you might be able to increase the number of repetitions that you do so you strengthen your abs quicker.

More Complicated Leg Lift

Once you have mastered the normal leg raises it’s time to make it a little more difficult. By making the exercise more taxing you can create even better lower abdominal exercises. This is another very simple exercise to do.

Start in the same position as the last exercise. But this time when you move your legs you should also try to sit up. This is similar to abdominal crunches which makes it very good abdominal workout. This feels strange at first, but when you practice then it should be quite good fun. This can be a good addition to any abdominal exercise regimes.

Knee Lifts

Another example of good lower ab workout are knee lifts. To do this you will need somewhere to hold onto. Suitable places include a chin-up bar, or a door frame. Hold firmly onto the door or bar and lift your feet off the ground slightly.

Then you should bend your knees and bring them tight in towards your stomach. Hold it for a second and then start to put your feet down. Don’t touch the floor yet though. Complete 10 repetitions before stopping. These are good workouts because they work very quickly. When you get more experienced you can increase the number of repetitions to speed up progress.