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Bigger Biceps .. Just 3 Exercises For Massive Bicep Size

Here are 3 highly effective exercises for bigger biceps.
STRAIGHT BAR CURL – This is a powerhouse bicep builder exercise working the overall bicep. It’s a MASS builder. You should, however, perform this correctly to get the mass building effects. Only allow your bi’s to do the work. Don’t swing and don’t try to jerk the weight up. Let the biceps carry the load and curl that bar up slowly and controlled. Then lower it relatively slowly to work the negative. You’ll feel that you’ve worked your overall bicep muscle with a good, strong couple sets of straight bar curls.

PREACHER CURLS – This can be done on machines, or more effectively in my opinion, using a curl bar and a preacher curl bench where you place your elbows on the pads to isolate the bi’s and you slowly curl up. Take a look at any guys in the gym with outstanding peak bicep muscles. The one’s who have bi’s that start just above the elbow and project out from their t-shirts. Chances are they’ve done some serious preacher curls in their day. This is a great exercise for working the peak in your bicep and having your bi’s pop out from t-shirts. Don’t to lower the bar down slowly on this exercise as the negative portion is extremely effective.
HAMMER CURLS – These tend to be under rated but are very effective for getting bigger biceps. They are both mass builders AND peak bicep builders. Grabbing a dumbbell like you would a hammer and maintaining that palms toward body position, you curl the dumbbell up and then slowly lower. You will feel your peak getting worked as well as the overall bicep. These are great for getting a quick bicep workout in if you are short on time, or they work well as both a warm up exercise or a finishing exercise to really drive home that bicep burn.