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Amazing Workouts With Dumbbells

Workouts with dumbbellsare one of the best strength training routines ever invented. Free weight lifting continues to be an effective way to shape and tone up your flabby muscles and to achieve a more attractive body. They are versatile, and do not cost a lot of money. Athletes consistently choose workouts with dumbbells over other machines as they can imitate sports movements more accurately. Here, several basic routines you can do with dumbbell sets from the comfort of your own home are discussed.

Given the many different exercises you can do with dumbbell sets, it is important to have proper knowledge on the correct training program to undergo in order to achieve specific fitness goals. Fat loss and muscle building programs for example, are different from each other, and specific routines developed for an individual can target problem areas in order to achieve the desired results. Therefore, you should do proper research and educate yourself about the benefits of different workouts with dumbbells before beginning a training routine with dumbbell sets.
Chest Presses
A flat chest press is done to work the upper and lower pectorals. You should lie flat on the floor or a bench, and hold out the dumbbells with your arms straightened in front of your chest. Lower the dumbbells slowly and return your arms to their original position. Incline and decline chest presses are also done to work different parts of the chest.
Shoulder Dumbbell Exercises

Muscular shoulders can be achieved by doing a combination of shoulder dumbbell exercises. Seated shoulder presses are one of the most common forms of shoulder exercises.
Leg Dumbbell Exercises
Half squats, single leg calf presses, and dumbbell lunges are effective exercises to build the quadriceps and calf muscles. It is important to keep the back flat while performing these weight exercises.

Triceps and Biceps Dumbbell Exercises
Tricep kickbacks, bicep curls, hammer curls, and overhead presses are just some examples of effective means to build muscle strength. The best results can be achieved by performing the optimum number of repetitions with the correct dumbbell sets.
A thing to note about dumbbell workouts: dumbbell sets such as the Bowflex 552 have interesting features, and are very user friendly. Without a doubt, using better quality dumbbell sets will increase the efficiency of your workout routines. However, you can perform many of these workouts even with a basic hexagon dumbbell.