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8 Beastly Arm Exercises You Need For Massive Gains

After years of training, some lifters experience a serious problem — their arms stop growing, and no matter how hard they try, their arms don’t seem to get any bigger. If you find yourself in such a situation or want to make sure it doesn’t happen in future, we’ve got you covered with eight great exercises some lifters forget to incorporate into their routines.
By avoiding these more unconventional exercises, many people keep themselves from achieving their full potential in arm size, strength, and vascularity. Want to know all eight exercises to build bigger arms? Read on for your dose of arm-busting information.

1. Reverse Barbell Curls

If you’re looking for a way to build the biceps and forearms at the same time, you should choose reverse barbell curls. For beginners, this exercise may seem challenging, but later you’ll be able to enjoy training the biceps and the forearms by doing reverse barbell curls.
To execute this exercise, do everything as if you were doing a regular barbell curl, but re-position the hands so that the palms would be projected to the ground rather than at you. After you take a barbell (preferably an EZ bar) in this position, lift it close to the collar bone and slowly move the barbell back to the starting point.

2. Hammer Curls

This exercise is a slight variation of old-fashioned curls and is also known as a “neutral-grip curl.” To complete them, take the dumbbells into the arms by keeping your palms parallel when lifting. Everything else is the same.
The only difference between this exercise and orthodox bicep curls is that hammer curls recruit the forearms into play due the neutral hand positions, and by doing so, boost the biceps growth and strength.

3. Cable Push-Downs

To add an explosive exercise for the triceps, we highly recommend you incorporate cable push-downs. Grab the attachment that is attached to the top pulley, palms facing the floor and slowly extend your arms, feeling the contraction in your triceps. Then, at the same speed, allow it to return to the starting point while maintaining full control of the repetition and repeat the process.
Don’t forget to puff out your chest slightly at the end of the positive and bend your back slightly forward as this will enable you to engage the triceps fully without distributing the weight around your body.

4. French Press

You can do the French press by sitting or standing depending on how it’s more comfortable to you. Take a barbell or two dumbbells and position the arms overhead, then press the weight above and away from the head.
Most importantly, remember to keep the elbows in a fixed position so the triceps can get the optimum amount of work out of French presses. At first, you may find it difficult to keep the arms in such a position, so make sure you do exercises in a mirror or with someone who can correct you.

5. Weighted Chin-Ups

If you love to do pull-ups, you’ll find chin-ups fun as well. These are very similar exercises because everything is done in the same manner and under the same principles. The only change is that you need to place the palms facing toward you.
By making this small alteration, you’ll be able to hit the biceps better and develop many upper body muscles at once. Furthermore, weighted chin-ups are good to improve flexibility and get used to your bodyweight exercises.

6. Skullcrushers


It’s good to lie down after doing a lot of standing and sitting exercises, isn’t it? Affirmative — unless you do skullcrushers. No matter their complexity, they are great at building huge triceps and forearms.
Start skullcrsuhers by lying down on a bench and lowering an EZ bar behind your head by keeping the arms parallel and bent at the elbows. Then, carefully lift the weight until your arms are just below the straightening point, making sure it won’t crush your skull. Carefully lower the bar back behind your head and repeat.

7. Close-Grip Bench Press

Many people do bench press to develop the chest. However, what they don’t know is that by narrowing your grip, you can do close-grip bench presses that are brilliant for arms, shoulders, chest, and abs as well.
To make things even more fun, alter how far your hands are one from another, so every muscle fiber will get triggered that is needed to keep muscles growing.

8. Dumbbell Overhead Extensions

Another exercise you can do while standing or sitting is the dumbbell overhead extension, one of the best exercises for targeting the long head of the triceps. According to your taste, do this exercise while holding a dumbbell in one hand, or both, or use both variations.
Begin by lifting the dumbbell over your head. Lower it behind your head as close to the middle of your back as you can, safely return to its starting point with arms straightened above your head and repeat.

See how Steve Cook recommends completing the arms training below:

Now, remaster the arms routine by incorporating these exercises to achieve massive growth and power.


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