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Best Workout Chest Routine - Exercise Your Chest Once a Week

Every Guy wants a bigger, more devolved chest; I'm going to give you a few tips on how to build your upper chest muscles. These are the most basic workouts for your chest that you want to focus on. I will start by talking about the inner chest; this is where you get that line of separation in the middle of your inner chest. Then you want to build your upper chest, for a broader and fuller look. Last thing is your lower chest; this is where you have the look of your chest being lifted off your abs.

So lets have a look at the chest workouts routine below:

Chest Workout Routine

OrderExerciseSetsRepsRest Interval
APench Press410-1560 sec
BIncline barbell press410-1560 sec
C Dumbbell chest press410-1560 sec
Dumbbell chest Flyes
Machine Fly
Machine chest press
Decline Barbell Press
Dumbbell pullover
Cable Flyes

60 sec
To build your inner chest there are a couple exercises you can do, first chest exercise is the peck deck, every gym has one, this is a machine that you sit up right on, and pull the handles in front at 90 degrees.
The next exercise is the flys, you can do this on a flat bench or an incline, it's basically the same as the peck deck but you are laying down.
Upper Chest is a best done with an incline bench, with either a barbell, or dumbbells. This chest exercise is performed by pushing the weight straight up and coming back down right at your shoulders.
The Lower chest is done the opposite of the upper chest, to build your lower chest is using a decline bench, again either a barbell or dumbbells will work here. Most people don't do this exercise at all, or just have no clue there is a way to build your lower chest.
The last thing I want to mention is the flat bench, in which you see everyone doing, this is an excellent workout, but it doesn't focus on the different parts of your chest. This exercise is best done at the end of your workout, or as a cool down