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The Ectomorph Training Guide

The Ectomorph is generally smaller in body structure, he carries very little body fat, has a hard time building muscle, and he usually has bigger potential in marathon disciplines than bodybuilding.
Ectomorphs have difficulties building mass because the larger percent of their muscle fibers are slow twitch,they are usually insulin resistant, and have naturally high metabolism.

Ectomorph training

Ectomorph training should consist of basic mass exercises like DEADLIFTS, BARBELL ROWS, BARBELL BENCH PRESSES,FREE SQUATS, SHOULDER PRESSES. The workout should be high intensity and short in length. The goal is to create the maximum amount of muscular hypertrophy in the shortest length of time so as to burn the least amount of calories. The Ectomorph should be using a rep range within 5-8 reps for upper body and 10-12 reps for lower body.Only 3-4 weight workouts should be performed weekly.During the bulking phase, cardio should be kept at minimum and only light cardio exercises should be performed.

Ectomorph nutrition

Caloric intake must be kept at a maximum at all times. In order for the body to grow, calories must exceed that which are burned in the course of daily activities, and ectomorphs have unusually fast metabolisms. The Ectomorph should take about 25 calories or higher, per pound of body weight to take the body in an anabolic state. That’s over 3750 calories for a 150 pound lifter a day.
In terms of caloric make up during the bulking phase,  about 25% of the calories should come from protein, 25% from fat and 50% from complex carbohydrates.