This Plant Has Incredible Effects On Male Sexuality

Black ginger, the rhizome of Kaempferia parviflora (Zingiberaceae), has traditionally been used as food and a folk medicine for more than 1000 years in Thailand. The dried rhizome is generally pulverized and used as tea bags, while the fresh one is utilized to brew wine. The wine preparation is increasingly used in Thailand as a tonic and as an aphodisiac.

As dietary supplements, it has been made into various preparations such as medicinal liquor or liquor plus honey, pills (powdered rhizome with honey), capsules and tablets. In Thai traditional medicine, black ginger has been claimed to cure allergy, asthma, impotence, gout, diarrhea, dysentery, peptic ulcer and diabetes.

If you’ve ever researched or used Viagra before you would have discovered that it works via a mechanism known as phosphodiesterase inhibition. Phosphodiesterase (PDE), and in particular phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) is an enzyme which cleaves a bond in the compound cAMP, known to mediate vasodilation in blood vessels via nitric oxide synthesis.
Upon breakage of these bonds, the compound loses its action and vasodilation subsides. By inhibiting the cleaving of these bonds, the compound persists longer in blood and is able to exert effects. Most notably is the dilation of the cavernosal artery found in the pen**, translating to much firmer and longer lasting *rections. Black ginger extract works via this same mechanism—PDE-5 inhibition.

In addition to its PDE-5 inhibiting effects, black ginger also acts on the dopaminergic system, boosting levels of this neurotransmitter (by inhibiting its breakdown) which plays an important role in normal se*ual function. In persons who exhibit reduced dopamine sensitivity or levels, se*ual dysfunction is very common and will not be fixed by use of mere vasodilators.
Its ability to increase dopamine levels also improves your mood in the process and can help combat depressive illness. In this sense, black ginger is considered superior to pharmaceuticals such as Viagra since it tackles both the issue of diminished pen*** blood flow and your arousal to se*ual stimulus thanks to upregulation of dopamine receptors.

In addition to its amazing effects on your *rectile health and se*ual well-being, black ginger extract also possesses several other functions that you are likely to benefit from whether you are a man or woman. These include those from the impressive list below:

– Decreases the period of *rectile latency (in simple terms, the time it takes for you to attain an *rection after exposed to se*ual stimuli).
– Said to increase both length and girth of the flaccid pen**.
– May promote lifespan via activation of sirtuin 1 gene.
– Improves symptoms of BPH; an enlarged/enlarging prostate.
– Improves brain function and possesses anticholinesterase activity (which may offset Alzheimer’s and dementia).