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These 30 Things If Your Boyfriend Does, Will Prove He Is Genuinely In Love With You

Though it’s so beautiful to fall in love, at the same time, love is a very tricky thing. The most difficult part is to find out whether the guy genuinely loves you or not? Because some guys really know the trick of trade, where convincing a girl is their trademark. From your side, you sincerely shower that love as you feel your boyfriend deserves it. But, does he?

You see, for a woman loving someone is easily understood, from their body language as their action is based exactly, on what their heart speaks. Whereas men are very unpredictable. As some guys who genuinely loves, aren’t able to express, and many who don’t love, are initially very good in camouflaging love and even gets away with it, later to be discovered, that it was all false. That’s the reason why it’s so tricky. You see the answer lies not in the big things he does for you, but in small things, because that is what matters the most.

Well, not to worry, we bring you a list of 30 things, if you find your boyfriend doing it, then you can be assured that he genuinely loves you.

1. When he messages you at early morning, it shows you are his first thought

2. Doesn’t shy away from saying he loves you in public or in front of his friends

3. Escorts you to your family parties and functions, though he knows nobody there. Loves to be by your side.

4. Clicks many selfies with you, just to get the right one, because you want it.

5. Whenever you’re sick, he will always feel happy to be by your side and taking care of you.

6. When you need to go shopping, he is more than happy to help you out with practically everything.

7. He loves the food you cook, even though it’s a bit burnt, means he genuinely loves you.

8. He will surprise you with romantic cards and gifts anytime and any day, without a reason.

9. Before your birthday comes, he will plan in advance, the perfect present to gift you.

10.He will join you on the dance floor, though he has no idea of dancing and has never danced before.

11. He covers you with his jacket when you are shivering by his side on a chilly night.

12. He will wear that crazy sweatshirt or sweater you bought him, just to make you happy.

13. Doesn’t even bother to look at a hot woman who passes by, because you interest him more than anyone.

14. Seeing you tired after a hard day’s work, he will wash the dishes, even though it was your turn.

15. He cares the damn what people think when he buys tampons for you, shows he genuinely loves you.

16. When an emergency arises and you need him, he will cancel all his plans and be next to you.

17. He will join your family dinner and be cheerful, even though he doesn’t like it.

18. He will cook for you, when he see’s you tired and neither you’re in the mood.

19. Though he’s advised you not to drink too much and you start puking, he will help you to puke.

20. All those TV shows you enjoy, but he seriously doesn’t like it. Yet he will accompany you.

21. He will make sure to serve you first on the dinner table, and will also give his share of the cake since you liked it.

22. When you get your periods and those cramps, he will be by your side and make you feel relaxed.

23. He will apologize first, whenever you have a fight because you remaining in anger is unbearable for him.

24. He hates flying, yet he travels with you, so you can have your dream vacation.

25. He always picks up your choice of deodorants and beauty products, when he goes alone for shopping.

26. He doesn’t mind your snoring by his side at night. In fact, he finds it funny.

27. He cannot imagine a life or even a day without you.

28. Whenever you share something with him, he will patiently hear you out and not interrupt.

29. He will never mind you taking up most of the bed, to sleep.

30. He will always be very protective of you.