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The Secret To Getting Rid Of Back Pain Is In Your Feet. 5 Exercises That Will Fix Everything

Physical inactivity often weakens the feet, leading to weak and shortened muscles, that can additionally cause back, knee, and hip pain. To relieve these issues, and improve your flexibility and strength, you should try stretching exercises.
Stretching is highly beneficial, and offers the following advantages:
  • Improved flexibility (this will boost the body and prevent injuries and muscle and ligaments sprains.)
  • Strengthens the bones (the stronger muscles will strengthen the bones.)
  • Improved circulation (it will soothe the muscles, recover the damage to the joints and muscles, and remove waste byproducts from your muscles.)
  • Improved body posture (Relieving the tight muscles will improve body posture and prevent neck, back, and shoulder pain)
  • Treats back pain (Stretching the muscles will reduce the stress on the spine and treat pain)
  • Improved heart health (Regular stretching improves the function of arteries and lowers blood pressure)
  • Reduced stress (Stretching relieves tension and lowers stress.)
  • Increased energy levels (The lowered stress and improved circulation will increase energy levels and fight fatigue.)
  • Improved coordination and balance (This will reduce the risks of injuries and falling)
The feet carry the entire weight of the body, so they can easily become overexerted, that will lead to cramps and pain. Apparently, the feet can be the solution to all your aches in the body, as they are the center of diverse important points, connected to different body sections.
Hence, if you start stretching the feet, you will boost flexibility and relieve pain in various areas of the body. This is extremely beneficial for athletes or people regularly performing aerobic exercises, but everyone that suffers from any kinds of pain in the body can benefit a lot of feet stretches too.
The feet are the center of numerous muscles, so these exercises will help the body to remain fit.  Therefore, start stretching the feet every morning, in order to improve your balance, flexibility, and body posture.

Here are five effective feet stretching exercises that will provide pain relief:
Toe Walking
Start walking forward for 20 seconds while standing on the tiptoes, with the feet straight, then continue walking with the toes outwards for 20more seconds, and then 20 seconds with the feet turned inwards. Pause for 10 seconds, and make 4 repetitions.
Curl Your Toes
Sitting on a chair, with the feet on a towel on the floor, crumple it with the toes for 5-10 times, and then try to raise it with the right foot. Hold for 10 seconds, and repeat with the other foot.
Heel Raises
Raise the left leg on a chair in front of you, and bend the right leg a bit. Stand straight, and raise and lower the right leg, but keep the foot aligned with the leg. Make 10 repetitions, and repeat with the other leg.
Tibialis Anterior
In a sitting position, with the left knee bent, wrap one end of an exercise band around a chair, and the other on the top of your right foot, while the left foot remains under it. Bring the toes together, and hold. Repeat ten times, and switch the legs.
Ankle Circles
Lying on the back, with the knees bent and flat on the floor, bring the right knee close to the chest, hug it, and start doing circles with it.
Point the toes to reach a twelve o’clock position, and outwards to reach six o’clock. Make 5-10 circles in one direction, repeat in the opposite direction, and repeat with the left ankle.
You will need only 20 minutes to perform these stretching exercises, three times weekly, and you will soon get rid of the pain!

Here are some additional tips to help you fight and prevent back pain:
  • Avoid tobacco
  • Start exercising regularly
  • Limit the intake of alcohol
  • Eat a healthy diet, rich in anti-inflammatory foods
  • Lower stress
  • Be extremely careful when lifting heavy objects
  • Avoid repetitive movements when possible
  • Make sure you maintain a correct body posture whether sitting or standing
  • Sleep well
  • Maintain a healthy body weight